Default Rank - Explorer 

In Game Displays Prefix [Explorer] eg:  [Explorer]SpiderKicksButt

Default permission Set:

    - essentials.balance (/bal - amount of money you have)
    - essentials.pay (/pay {playername} - pay another player money)
    - essentials.sethome (/sethome - set your home to current Location - (1 home) )
    - essentials.delhome (/delhome {home or {name}}
    - essentials.home (/home or /home {name} - go to your home location)
    - essentials.ignore (/ignore {playername} - ignore a specific player)
    - essentials.spawn (/spawn - go to spawn)
    - essentials.list (/list - show online players)
    - essentials.msg (/msg {playername} - private message another player)
    - essentials.reply (/r) reply to private message)
    - essentials.rules (/rules - display server rules)
    - essentials.back (/back use on death to go back to last location)
    - essentials.tpa (/tpa {playername} - request to TP to someone)
    - essentials.tpaccept (/tpyes - accept a transport request)
    - essentials.tpdeny (/tpdeny - deny a tp request)
    - essentials.tptoggle (turn off the ability that some can /tp to you)
    - FastCraftPlus.craft;(/craft or /wb do /fc toggle to revert back to Vanilla workbench)
    - serversigns.use (ability to use Server Command Signs)