OWNER: SpiderKicksButt
Hi my name is SpiderKicksButt! Most people just call me Spider or those that are close to me call me John.
I'm the original founder of TomorrowLandv2 and brought this wonderful world of TMLv2 into motion on December 18th 2015.
I'm also 50% of a very special team! You will meet the other person behind all of this soon. Her name is Maya2016 and she is a very integral part of all of this and my partner in all we do together.
I'd also like to thank all of the help and dedication we have received from the players and staff ever since we started. Without them, we would not be where we are today.
I have a background in Electronics Research and Design but my day Job is a Network IT Administrator. I work with Server and Network systems day in and out and am responsible for keeping everything running. I'm part of a small team of people that administers servers and systems in over 17 countries worldwide.
Minecraft is my passion and I put all of my spare time into maintaining this server and making sure that the players have a safe stable place to play.
In game i'm very approachable and will help any way I can.


OWNER: Maya2016
Hi there :) Im Maya2016 or Maya.
Im the other owner here at TomorrowlandV2 and yes, the other 50% to the very special team Spider has mentioned!
I love to play minecraft, of course, and am happy that I am able to create and run this server for everyone with Spider.