We would like to inform everyone that we have made a decision to re-brand and overhaul our server.
So what does this mean? Well first off because people generally don't read the entire post on this Info page, we encourage you to click "more" to view the entire post.
Okay, so here we go.
The server will receive a new name! This was decided because we really didn't like the name TomorrowLandv2 to begin with.
The new name has not been decided but we want to keep it shorter, catchier and cooler. We also want to focus on a more RPG/Questing type survival and create an entirely new survival experience.
If anyone has any ideas we will certainly look at any suggestions.
We will also at this time like to consolidate all of the survival servers and offer one survival server that will be 1.12 ready and as soon as 1.12 goes public we will update immediately.
This survival world will be built on a custom real world terrain model and will add a new look and feel to survival game play.
This means a lot of work for us as we have to review various existing permissions and restructure all ranks while still trying to be fair for all of those that have spent countless hours here.
Our new server model will mean more to new players, more than it will to existing players. Like we said, we will figure out away to reach a compromise to accommodate dedicated existing players and those who have so generously donated.
This transition will happen within the next 30 days and we will keep you all informed on the progress.
We will keep:
- Bungee Proxy Server
- BedWars (and extend to Multi Arena Capability in the near future)
- Hide and Seek (which we will actually spend some time on completing this)
- Hunger Games (? still deciding this one)
- New and Improved Survival Server

We will remove:
- Creative (Creative Islands)
- SkyBlock
- Old Survival (Well, it's old!)
- Vanilla++ Survival (Eventually, this will be our fallback Survival server)

PlugIn Structure Update:
- Custom Biomes
- Custom Nether
- Economy
- Achievements
- Quests
- Custom Enchanting
- Custom Mobs
- Land Protection
- Player Based Shops
- Basic Server shop
- Enhanced Kits
- More generated structures