BedWars Picture

We would like to introduce a new Server in our World of TomorrowLandv2 Proxy Network
On 29/04/2017 we launched for the very first time our BedWars mini-game Server.
We would like to thank Spider, Maya and FancySpaceTomato for all of their hard work in making this so awesome.
We designed our very own Custom Map called Oasis and we think it looks amazing!.
You can reach this server by typing in **/bedwars**
Bedwars is a game where you need to gather resources, buy items, destroy enemies beds and fight to be the last man standing!
This can be played as 1v1 or any combination of players up to 16 players
There are up to 4 teams of 4 players each.
We hope you have FUN with this PVP/strategy Minigame.

TMLv2 Staff