Creative Islands / PvP Area Announcement

We have re-done/updated our Creative Server. (Spigot 1.11.2)
Based on Plotsquared and the Creative Islands Addon.
Full Creative mode with plots that consist of Islands in an Ocean.
Each Island has it's own Biome and Non hostile mob spawns.
Claim up to 4 individual Islands.
Just do /server creative then talk to the NPC for a book of commands

PvP Area
On our newest Vanilla++ Server we have set up an area for PvP
It's situated in a very natural setting with a forest mansion and village to play and hide.
On our Vanilla++ server just type /warp pvp
We have also included a belated Easter Egg Hunt at /warp easter with a few Treasure Chests for grabs.

TMLv2 Staff