Server Updates - Important Information

OLD Survival Server
We are now officially announcing the retirement of our original Minecraft Survival Server on the 17th of April 2017.
Better known as our 1.10.2 "Old Survival Server" with Slime-Fun etc.
We have decided to retire it so we can focus on new Projects. So what does this mean actually?
It means that we will attempt to transfer one Player build and chest contents to our other 1.11.2 "New Survival Server"
Inventories will not be carried over but it is possible to transfer chest Contents (not including EnderChests).
Balances will not be carried over but we will set a reasonable balance based on existing Money.
Ranks will be transferred but some permissions to plugins may change due to the fact they don't exist anymore.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we are NOT updating this Server to 1.11.2 and will focus entirely on our other servers.
If you want something transferred to the the New Survival please make a /modreq on the NewSurvival Server
We will attempt to promptly answer requests.

New Survival Server
This Server will continue to be updated and maintained. We will Focus on re-vamping Rank Upgrades and also fine-tune the existing Permission Sets.
In game Ranking is based on Server votes available on this Website or through the WebStore (future)

New PvE - Vanilla++ Survival Server Launch Date to be determined.
Currently Whitelisted while in Development!!
This is a brand new Server and will appeal to Players who want a more traditional game experience.
- Stand-alone Server
- Starting Map Size of 50,000 radius Blocks
- Balanced economy
- Land Protection
- Grief protection
- McMMO Experience System
- Achievements
- Web Store
- Buyable Kits (in game currency)
- Auctions
- Player based Shops
- Web Store with buyable Ranks and Miscellaneous Items
Stay Tuned for updates

Please remember to Register on our Web Site for Access to Forums etc.

Staff TMLv2