Old Survival Retirement - New Server Launch

So the time has come to retire our old Survival Server.
We would like to announce that in the coming week we will retire the Server we first launched on Dec 18th 2015.
We are trying to step into the future and from the lessons we have learned, provide an even better place for Players to Play.
This comes with some negative side effects, but not catastrophic.
Our new Server is based on a slightly modified Vanilla Server and we really wanted to stay true to the original game mechanics that Mojang had in mind when first launching this game.
We've kept some of the original plugins and are basing gameplay on experience and achievements.
Gone are the creature comforts of attaining items so easily. Our core model is based on McMMO and encouraging People to take an active role in making an awesome community.
This includes rewards for voting as well as providing affordable Items in our Webstore to enhance everyone's experience and enjoyment.
We have finally also developed a stable Server economy, so every penny earned will be a reflection of the Players skill and dedication and not based on in game exploitation.
Our Focus is on selecting the best plugins to provide a very stable Server. To enlist the very best Staff and to provide an active presence and create a fun and safe community.
We are not trying to be the very best Server out there but a place where everyone from every walk of life can feel at home.
Ok, so Players on the Old survival server can Register here and request through the Forums, their concerns.
The New Survival Server, our second Server, will continue to run and be updated until we get everyone migrated to our new Server.
All Staff roles, those that are still around will be welcome on our new Server. We will Keep everyone up to date and let you know what our new Server model is.
The planned Launch for the Server is Easter Sunday and we invite everyone to attend. There will be a one time Easter basket for everyone that joins.

TMLv2 Staff