Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot

Minecraft 1.12 pre release snapshot-pre5

We have decided to make available a 10 slot access to our test Minecraft-snapshot-pre5 server.
If you would like to try this out just go into your launcher settings in your client and turn on "Use snapshots" and then select and install
The IP and port to the server are as follows

Be warned this is still experimental and full Vanilla game play.
So if you want to save your progress I suggest first getting some wood and then a bed to save your Bed respawn point.
The game introduces different colored beds so in order to make one you will need 3 pieces of wool that are the same color.
The picture is of our lovely Owner Maya2016 with her new found Parrot companion. Her and I were playing last night and had a real blast!!
We will update the snapshot versions as they continue to change but remember these releases can and will be a little bit buggy, so no complaints!!!

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